Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art, and Morality

The IUMAM are annual three-day workshops that promote the interconnections across different areas in philosophy and, in particular, the study of issues lying at the intersection of ethics, aesthetics and the philosophy of mind. They organized under the auspices of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy, SEFA (, since 2002. Invited speakers are asked to present three papers, which can be new material or a revision of former work.

Previous IUMAM workshops are:

I, Murcia, 2002, invited speaker: Richard Wollheim.

II, Valencia, 2003, invited speaker: Jonathan Dancy.

III, Madrid, 2004, invited speaker: Christine Korsgaard.

IV, Murcia, 2007, topic: The Philosophy of Music: Meaning, Emotion and Value.

V, Mallorca, 2008, invited speaker: Shaun Nichols.

VII, Oviedo, 2009, invited speaker: David Finkelstein and Barry Stroud.

VII, Murcia, 2013, invited speaker: Malcom Budd.

VIII, Murcia, 2014, topic: Self-Knowledge, Expression and Transparency.

IX, Murcia, 2015: invited speakers: Eileen John and Susan Feagin

X. Valencia. 2016: Invited speaker: Gregory Currie

XI. Madrid, 2017: Invited speaker: Dan Zahavi

XII. Barcelona 2018: Language and Power

XIII. Murcia 2022: Aesthetic Normativity